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You control the gameplay

RUiN is a fast-paced PvP action arena game. It’s all about precision and tactics versus action and chaos. You create your own gameplay by selecting what abilities you want to bring to the battle.The ability pool spans a wide variety of ways to topple your opponents so be sure to master your loadout, whether it’s about blasting your opponents, being evasive or defending your team.

Deadly arenas

All arenas in RUiN are filled with traps and hazards. Battle in the eye of the storm with a thunderous sandstorm raging around you, tearing down the battleground, or if you are fighting for survival while the eruption beneath you break the very earth you stand on. You are not safe from the arena.

Intense action

RUiN is all about the raw joy and hilarity created out of fast-paced, chaotic core gameplay mechanics and the rewarding feeling of mastering the game you learn to outmaneuver your opponents and laugh as they fall victim to your mind games.

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