Intense PvP action
 In RUiN, there are no character classes. Players are free to customize their own unique play style by selecting abilities from an ever-expanding pool. The objective of the game is to be the last team standing.
Standing in your way is an opposing team and various dynamic arenas, all designed to create chaos.  The arenas all share a vicious timer - a deadly hazard area that grows in  size, and makes life harsher for everyone. Use your abilities to force the opposing team into the hazard area, watch them burn and brace for victory.
Online multiplayer experience
As an online experience, you can either join up with friends or get paired with random players in teams of 3 through the matchmaking system. Players are able to quickly form teams with their friends by inviting them from their Steam™ friends list.
Is someone nagging you about coming to dinner again? Raid leader re-iterating the same information for the 20th time?? Do not fret, we've got you covered. In RuiN, rounds are short, and the play is fast. You and your friends will be done in no time. It's punch in, punch out.

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